Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, the decorations are pretty much down and packed away for next year with the exception of our fresh greens outside. We leave them up until late, late winter. The house does look a little different and bare, especially where I had our 11 foot tree. It will only take a few days though for it to seem back to normal to me.

I promised I would share what Santa so generously gave to me this Christmas....

Yep, a Keurig coffee machine! Oh, there has been some wonderful coffee come out of there already....I can't wait to try all the flavors and some iced teas!

And this, which will fit in perfectly with my new coffee station....

A vintage french bottle rack that I can hang all my pottery mugs from! I certainly need to have Mr. Potter make me more so I can fill that baby up. It holds quite a lot of mugs, and my kids wanted to hang a few of their favorite mugs on there too for their daily cup of hot cocoa from the keurig.

After I took down all the Christmas decorations, I was left with a bare harvest table....I needed a new centerpiece idea. I love the look of my old silvery mercury glass ornament balls with a white porcelin plate, but it still looked too plain...
I found the solution at my in-laws house.....she had this little tree that I just fell in love with, and it smelled fantastic too!......What is it?
It's a rosemary tree! A little rub of the greens and the smell of rosemary fills the air. The plate and ornies look a little wintry, with a touch of spring from the tree....

It was a wonderful Christmas, and we had a great week off. It's so quiet once again in the house with everyone back to school. But, I have lots of projects and crafts to tackle throughout this winter....plenty to keep me busy.
Until next time! :)


  1. Tarrah,
    What a great post! Right now I am staring at our 9 ft tree. All still lit and looking pretty, the kids don't want me to take it down. I really don't want to either, I like the look of the lights at night and I don't want the mess that goes along with the "take down" process. Plus, the house will look bare & then the re-decorating must begin. Your harvest table looks simple & beautiful. I love rosemary. And you know how much I love my Keurig! Enjoying my iced tea and our kids are enjoying the hot cocoa too! :) I MUST order some pottery from you! I have seen so many peices that I just love! Happy Monday to you, I am off to workout!! ~Sarah~

  2. ooooo I love that coffee mug holder!I have been searching the thrift stores for something as cool as that. I doubt I ever get that have my little rosemary tree sitting on my table also. Beautiful pottery!

  3. Hi Tarrah,

    You are a step ahead of me...I'm with Sarah I still have all my Christmas decorations up too!!! I've been sick with the flu for about a week and I just haven't' felt like taking it all down. My hubby did take all of my yard and porch decorations down. Girl you had a good Christmas I LOVE your new Keurig and your vintage mug holder!! Oh and I love your rosemary tree.... I grow rosemary but I have never seen it in tree form like that. Did your MIL buy it like that? Hope you have a GREAT week!!! :)


  4. I've always loved those vintage bottle holders, but since I don't drink coffee or use mugs much (once in awhile for hot chocolate) I'm not sure what else I'd use one for. Your's is great! Your rosemary tree is perfect, but your farm table REALLY caught my attention - I'm wanting/needing one EXACTLY like that, so can you tell me if you made yours? Or did you buy it?

  5. I LOVE your vintage mug holder and that is a great centerpiece. I know you are enjoying your new coffee machine.

    Have a Blessed New Year!