Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun things...

Well, the countdown is on....only 3 days until our open house begins! We're scrambling like Santas' elves and what a rush! We are trying to get everything finished up, cleaned up, and then rearranging the house to be able to get as much inventory and as many people in as we can! Whew.....lots to do, but we are enjoying the excitement that the open house always brings. We love seeing old and new customers and enjoy being with them, especially at this time of year! :)

Bob is busy trying his hand at a few new pieces.....the first one being these new Colonial Candle Cups! He made two, but fired them one at a time in two different colors. As soon as the first one came out of the kiln, I was so excited that I immediately yelled out "Make tons more!" :) We love how they got, and needless to say, he is working on more! :)

*Colonial Candle Cup shown in Robin's Egg.

* Shown in Rusted Barn.

He also made a few other newbies....

Some soap trays (packaged with the most wonderful smelling soaps that we are also selling). They smell so good, I could just eat them! LOL!!!!

These are a great little gift set perfect for anyone on your shopping list....I'm going to be using these for some teacher's gifts, and some other lovely ladies. ;)

*Pumpkin Spice, Apple Crisp, and a very wonderful spearmint...mmmmmmmmmmmm

*Some trays with handles!

*Some mega mugs that hold 3 cups!!! That's a lot of coffee! ;)

In between all of the scrambling, we hiked out to a beautiful nearby tree farm to hunt for the Miller's Christmas Tree 2010! We have been enjoying this most awesome tree farm since our first child was born and we all love it there. Free hot chocolate, free cookies, and free pony rides for the kids....who wouldn't love it?! :)

Finally found it.....

Finally got it in the house! :)

Next post, some decorating pictures! Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Be Blessed!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Doing Some Experimenting...

Like Thomas Edison must have said; "I think I'll try this....", and that's just what we've been doing.
In between tearing down the fall displays and putting up some Christmas decor, I moved my pewter collection to my blue stepback cupboard. It was originally on our fireplace mantle, but I needed to free that up for our stockings display. So, here is my experiment.

The next experiment was mixing up our new glaze carmel, with our robin's egg blue on this mug. Bob doesn't care for it so much, but I kinda like it, and we have a lot of customers that like "dipped" pieces, (meaning using a base glaze and dipping it into another).

I really am loving this new carmel glaze that he made. It is a very nice, matte glaze, so it is more primitive, with barely any shine to it. I can't wait till we get more pieces finished. We did 'experiment' it on some prim stars, and we know it's certainly a keeper!

*It's hard to get a close-up of these stars, but they are a beautiful light carmel color with tons of black specks...quite prim.

*I'm also really loving these napkin rings!

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A New Color!

Pottery is slowly beginning to trickle in from the kiln....we've had some upsets with our kiln misfiring, but we're back at it and hoping it won't slow us down during our busiest time of year.
A big announcement for us is that we are unveiling a new glaze color to our collection! We only fired 2 smaller pieces in this color because we were just testing it out. So, if all goes well, we will have a small grouping of this new glaze by the time the open house rolls around.
So, without further adieu....here is CARMEL~!

Now, please forgive my pictures....I wish I could get better photographs, but pottery is hard to photograph in a house where there is soooo much light. It makes everything shiny! I guess you will just need to come to the Indian Trail Pottery open house to see it in person, which is ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!~ YIKES!!!!!!

I also snapped a few pictures of some new "mouse" pieces too.
This utensil crock is my new fave!!!!

A vegetable bowl, a wine crock, and some napkin rings!!!!!

So, hopefully we will have a good productive weekend with all of our pottery and have everything make it through these touchy firings.....there are just so many things that need to work just right to get it to the finished product. And, my husband MAKES all of our glazes! He mixes them all up from recipes he has aquired and tried and tweaked! Yep, he has his own recipe book! ;)

Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As Thanksgiving quickly approaches I am reminded daily of all that we are to be thankful for....not just around this holiday, but each and every day. We have so much to be thankful for, and I wanted to make sure that I did a THANKFUL post to publicly say that I am thankful, full of gratitude, and that my heart is full! :)
I'm sure that I could come up with hundreds of things to be thankrul for, but here is my top ten!
1. JESUS- who never leaves my side, who fights for me, and will always WIN the battle!
2. FREEDOM- a country that I hope and pray will always be a God fearing and God directed country.
3. THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY- It's around the holidays when families love and miss those soldiers most. Pray for them.
4. A LOVING, GENTLE, AND KIND HUSBAND- One who would do anything for me and our kids.
5. MY 3 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN- Whom I am so proud of!
6. A HOME- Made up of those whom I love, where we can play together.
7. SEASONS OF CHANGE- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...with each it's own unique qualities...showing us God's beauty each and every day.
8. FRIENDS/FAMILY- Where there is always a smile to help you get through anything. I love you guys! :)
9. TALENTS/MY GIFTS- The ones that the good Lord gave me...let me remember to always use them for his benefit.
10. THE CHANCE TO STAY AT HOME- I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home, and have stayed at home since our first child was born. The chance to put them on the school bus, and be there for them as soon as they get home is an incredible thing. I can't get enough of my kids....no dollar amount could ever fill in that gap

What are you thankful for today? If you haven't told the Father, today would be a great day to start~!
Oh, and by the way....I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU! For all those that read my blog...THANK YOU! May you be blessed today!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bow or No?

Need some input here friends.....
I have been super busy trying to get some things made, like this particular wreath. No, it's not prim, but it has a vintage feel/look to it and I plan on having a small vintage "corner" at our open house, with this wreath being the main attraction.

So what do you think?......BOW?

......OR NO?

Also working on this 'not so little' lovely....

....a very shiny red chalkboard platter!

Tell me your thoughts on the bow.....now back to crafting! ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A cabin's Christmas countdown!

*photo courtesy of http://s179.photobucket.com/home/acehawk1969

The days are clicking off and I am still very far behind in gathering all our Christmas goodies for our open house. I am trying to make quite a few different things as well as bring in other wonderful homemades for this event. It is very fun and quite exciting to "hunt" for just those special things that I want to offer at this years Christmas at the cabin open house.
Our open house will be held the first weekend of December: Friday, the 3rd, through Sunday, the 5th....and it's coming quickly!

So, here is a sneak peek at my slow progress so far!

Some holly stitcheries.

Some prim and vintage stockings (neither are completely finished!)

This year I am also offering some wonderful antique and vintage collectibles....here is a really neat, nice sized locker basket.

Do you remember me showing you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cards?......

Well, I have tons of these cards that will also be here for the open house with the MOST primtastic pictures you will ever lay your eyes on! These cards are so well made, and I have a whole bunch of different pictures for you to choose from, including some really neat prim Christmas cards!!!!
Will show you some pictures of the newest ones in my next post!

Plus, there will be lots and lots of pottery, including oodles of these prim star ornaments....

....and lots of fun new pieces! This is really an open house for our pottery, but there will be lots of other little goodies to find!

More on what we'll be offering in upcoming posts....Meanwhile, I got to get back to work! ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

Wow! Can you believe we only have 2 months left of 2010? Can you believe Christmas is REALLY NEXT MONTH! Oh my goodness, I have so much to do! :*

Well, it's been a week since my last post, and I did have every intention of posting more last week, but many reasons.....busy trying to craft costumes, busy trying to craft Christmas goodies, and busy being sick. :( I am still a little under the weather, but atleast it's quiet and Monday. LOL

Well, here is what I have been up to:

Sewing up some very simple bat costumes!

Tweaking my fireplace with some wonderfully made stacking boxes from Magpie Primitives!

And crafting some more!

Our annual tradition of making glitter pumpkins!

Ok, time to get back to some much needed housework! Happy November!