Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feelings of Fall......

Well, my fall decorating is pretty much done for the inside of the house. It still doesn't feel like fall to me just yet...we have had some very unusually hot days, and I am so DONE with them! I am ready for the cool, crisp days and the weatherman tells me that they aren't too far from sight! Yay!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well friends....the wait is over! IT IS OFFICIALLY FALL! YAY!!!!!!!! Now, I just wish we were having some good fall weather. It got very warm here yesterday and there is a possibility of it reaching 90 degrees here today! UGH, that is just too warm for this time of year in Pa.
I am not done with my fall decorating outside yet. I still have to get a few things yet but I hope to finish up this weekend. How about you guys, are you finished decorating?

We had our show this past weekend at the Hegins Craft Faire and it was just a gorgeous day! We had a wonderful time talking with some old friend and some new ones. Here are a few pictures of our table set up.

Enjoy the first weekend of fall!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Pottery and a Stepback Cupboard

Hi friends! I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the cooler days....mornings and evenings are getting a little crisper and it is getting darker out at night earlier and earlier! Fall is here! (Well, almost)!
We are very busy getting everything ready and packed up for our craft faire for tomorrow. Bob has been working day and night to get as much pottery done as he can before tomorrow morning. I am so amazed at how his talent has grown! Now he has started to make salt and pepper shakers~! These are so darn cute, I just love them! I asked him awhile back if he thought he could come up with something and he sure did.....

Here is some other pottery that is still sitting on my table waiting to be wrapped up for tomorrow! There is just so many pieces that I am going to hate to part with! ;)

On a quick side note, I promised you all I would show you pictures of the beeswax pinecones that I made along with some acorns. This is all completely 100% wax, not a real pinecone dipped in wax. They got great and they smell yummy too! I also packaged up a whole bunch of these too for tomorrows faire. :)

Now, onto the stepback cupboard! I found this blue beauty at a favorite shop of mine just recently. I previously had a stand there that wasn't quite as tall as this, but it was wood colored and nearly blended into the wall. I wanted to paint it or give it color, but decided to go with this instead because I love stepbacks! Well, it is certainly prim, but I love it....but, I was told that it looks dirty and the person that said that, also couldn't believe I was keeping it there and in that color! :( What do you all think? Does it stick out too much?

It is quite bright in these pictures, but during the day it is hard to get a good "prim" picture...but it gives you an idea atleast. I really like it there, and I like the cupboard too.....I like a little bit of prim dirt! ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin

Well, I went out this morning to start gathering my supply of pumpkins. I never get them all at one shot....I usually get the majority of my pumpkin supply and then when I get them all home, I realize I need a few more to fill here or there.

Living in PA gives you endless opportunities to buy from so many roadside stands offering everything from veggies, fruits, honey, flowers, baked goods, and in the fall~ oodles of pumpkins!!!! It is just so neat to see them everywhere! So, when I went out this morning, I took my camera along with me...

Here is what I picked out...

I also got my bittersweet this morning too. I need to go back there too, but this time I need to be wearing boots and long pants...ouch! But, here is my starting supply.

The pods are opening already! I can't wait to get all my goodies put in place...will post pictures when everything is done!

I was also able to get a few fall bowl fillers made last weekend. I need to make more and get more cookie cutters! These are so much fun...Sarah and Colleen always do a phenomenal job on theirs!

So, how is your fall decorating going?