Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lemon Wreath

I was on the hunt for some new wreath inspiration. I wanted to make our entrance to our Open House that we had 3 weeks ago, stand out and really POP!
I assembled pieces with color,character, and even pieces that you wouldn't necessarily except for an outside door entrance, but it was missing that one certain thing....a cool wreath. Pinterest is where I wentfor some inspiration but believe it or not, I didn't find anything there, so I did some blog searching and low and behold I found one I like! Now, of course I blog skipped around like mad, and I am not even sure where this actual lemon wreath was first sited, so I apologize to the original maker that I can't give credit to.
This wreath was super, super easy to make, and the good news was I already had the wreath base on hand! Everything that was needed: grapevine wreat,green wire, faux lemons of all sizes and some faux green leafy sprigs. Simple wreath that didn't take a lot of time or product! I LIKE THAT!
I really like the way it turned out~! Just the wreath I needed!