Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Antiquing Finds

Happy Monday Friends! Can you believe we will be heading into the month of July this week?! So hard to believe!!!!
Well, I got to do a little antiquing last week, and I found a few little treasures that fit in perfectly with the upcoming holiday.
First off, I found this blue swirled crock that I just love:

I really want to have a collection of crocks with blue accents like this famous buttery from Country Home that Linda posted a picture of HERE!
There is so many awesome pictures in that post but the buttry is my favorite because it is just filled with yelloware and crocks galore!
Along with the crock I found 2 really old 48 star flags that I just fell in love with...

I have it folded in half here and hanging on my cupboard door.

I have the other one on the porch along with my other red white and blue bunting....but that is for tomorrow. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Personalized Pottery!

I wanted to share some personalized pottery pieces fresh out of the kiln.....they all got sooooo great!

This is an order for Donna over at Back In Tyme Primitives, she is so sweet and has a great blog and online shop:

We had to have our own crock.... ;)

We had another large beautiful crock that was personalized for an anniversary, but I didn't even get to take a was picked up before I even got my camera out! :)
I also had Bob make a small crock with the words "Live*Laugh*Love" written all around the band. I think these are adorable, so there are a lot more on the "to-make" list.

And here is a small cake/candy pedestal plate done that was ordered...

it's a cute little bugger....

So, as you can see we are keeping rather busy with little events like reunions,pool parties,meetings, orthodontist and orthopedic appointments (yes, both of them being for that middle child), and pottery orders. :) Some how or another I think summer is just going to fly by! I have a list of all things we need to get done, and all the places I want to get to, but hardly anything has been crossed off that list yet! I was able to do a little antiquing though yesterday, and you'll have to stay tuned to see what I found! Stay cool friends, it is HOT AND HUMID here in Pennsylvania!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Wax Tip, and a Pineapple Wax Mold....

Hi Friends! I want to say a very big Thank You to all of you who wrote some very nice and sweet comments about our dog. It was so nice to read all your kind words and even though I've never met most of you, you all really feel like good friends to me, so that made it even sweeter. Thank You again.

So, I do have a wax tip for you.....some of you may already do this, and I have been doing it for awhile, but just in case~I will throw it out there. Ok, when you are at the end of a burning candle, there is always some wax left....maybe a good 1/2" of it or so.....well KEEP THAT WAX! :) Get out a knife and get the wick end out, but get the wax, and you want it in pieces because you are going to burn that wax in your tart warmers! It still has a fantastic scent and sometimes depending on when your candle goes out, you could have quite a bit of wax in there, even enough to do a couple rounds in your tart warmer.

I love the White Barn candles because I think they are really well scented. I buy these when they are super cheap, and it is the 3 wick ones....but they always have a ton of wax left over at the bottom, so I have little baggies full of the left over wax from them, and burn them later in my tart burner!'s like a free tart! :)

And speaking of all know how much I love to make wax bowl fillers and do-dads....well I have some blackened beeswax sitting around here, and I have this cute little pineapple mold, and I thought "why not?".....So, here these little bowl fillers are:

Aren't they cute? I think these would look cute sitting in a bowl/tray or tied to a package, or anything....we all love our prim pineapples! :)

And here is a quick pic of those yummy sugar pantry cakes we made at Patti's last week:

And now I need your help! Do you know those backsplash tiles that you can buy at the hardware store? Well, I just love them, but am not quite sure what to do with it....I want to make something with it or use it in a craft project but not sure what to do. Any help? Any ideas?

I thought about staining it and either using it in a frame or cutting it into something....but nothing is coming to me yet.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend....

This evening my dog Martha passed away. She was 13 and loved very much by all of us. She will be greatly missed.

Goodbye, my old friend.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Lunch and Craft Date

Yesterday, I had an outing at Patti's, where I also met up with Michelle and Teresa.
Patti invited us to her place for lunch and then Teresa came up with a great and easy craft for us all to do together right there in Patti's kitchen.
Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling the absolute best because while I was getting ready to head to Patti's, I pulled something and got a TERRIBLE kink in my neck, which felt absolutely debilitating! It hurt so bad....but I took quite a few pills to help ease the ache and headed out the door anyway.
I am so glad I didn't miss it because WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!! We laughed until we almost cried, and most of the time they were laughing at me b/c of my ridiculous neck injury and trying to craft.....
Our craft that we made was primitive sugar pantry cakes. I made another version of some pantry cakes before, but Teresa had a very quick and easy recipe that had molded pantry cakes ready in approx. 20 minutes....but be warned, your hand may get a little cramped from stirring! ;)
Here we are all chatting away, while one would slave over the stove......

Some of our molds getting filled up.....

And here are some of my finished sugar pantry cakes. Not sure where the picture is that I took of them all, but I have a whole bunch of little cakes, and some are made from the small heart molds, and tiny tartlet molds....they all got sooo good and grungy! And they smell FANTASTIC! Can't wait to wrap some cloth around them and set them out!

After we did some crafting, it was time for lunch. And Patti served up this most wonderful tuna in shells salad.

It was sooo yummy!

Patti also treated us with some terrific desserts, but I forgot to take a picture of those. :) And check out what Michelle made each one of us....isn't she so cute! Thanks again Michelle!

Here are some snapshots of Patti's beautiful flowers around the shop.

So, that was my very special lunch and craft date with some very special ladies yesterday! Can't wait till the next one! ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Beginning to Summer.....

Hi Friends! Hope you are all enjoying your start to summer! Mine has been, let's just say.....INTERESTING! :)
Take a peek at what we've been up to:

A trip to Barnum & Bailey Circus....

Some pics of my little guy (as promised) finishing up his and also the girls' baseball and softball seasons.....

A 12th birthday party on the hottest day of the year........

And a cast.......

I also need to throw in there that not even 2 days after Gracie's fractured wrist, there was a broken toe on my husband!'s been crazy. Hope things settle down soon! :)
How about you? How have you been enjoying your start to summer?