Friday, June 18, 2010

My Lunch and Craft Date

Yesterday, I had an outing at Patti's, where I also met up with Michelle and Teresa.
Patti invited us to her place for lunch and then Teresa came up with a great and easy craft for us all to do together right there in Patti's kitchen.
Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling the absolute best because while I was getting ready to head to Patti's, I pulled something and got a TERRIBLE kink in my neck, which felt absolutely debilitating! It hurt so bad....but I took quite a few pills to help ease the ache and headed out the door anyway.
I am so glad I didn't miss it because WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!! We laughed until we almost cried, and most of the time they were laughing at me b/c of my ridiculous neck injury and trying to craft.....
Our craft that we made was primitive sugar pantry cakes. I made another version of some pantry cakes before, but Teresa had a very quick and easy recipe that had molded pantry cakes ready in approx. 20 minutes....but be warned, your hand may get a little cramped from stirring! ;)
Here we are all chatting away, while one would slave over the stove......

Some of our molds getting filled up.....

And here are some of my finished sugar pantry cakes. Not sure where the picture is that I took of them all, but I have a whole bunch of little cakes, and some are made from the small heart molds, and tiny tartlet molds....they all got sooo good and grungy! And they smell FANTASTIC! Can't wait to wrap some cloth around them and set them out!

After we did some crafting, it was time for lunch. And Patti served up this most wonderful tuna in shells salad.

It was sooo yummy!

Patti also treated us with some terrific desserts, but I forgot to take a picture of those. :) And check out what Michelle made each one of us....isn't she so cute! Thanks again Michelle!

Here are some snapshots of Patti's beautiful flowers around the shop.

So, that was my very special lunch and craft date with some very special ladies yesterday! Can't wait till the next one! ;)


  1. Looks like ya had a great time and the pantry cakes look awesome..Wish I lived closer, would love to of been apart of the fun..Have a great weekend..

  2. CAN YOU HEAR ME CRYING CUZ I'M SAD THAT I COULDN'T BE WITH YOU ALL! Oh how much fun that would have are so lucky to live close enough to do these things....oh for something like that to do here!

    Your Pantry Cakes turned out wonderful and what about that Patti going to share her wonderful recipe????

    Hugs, Karen

  3. Gosh you took some good picture Tarrah!!! Patti or Michele better get some on their blog of you..... can't believe I didn't get one!

    Great pictures!!! What a fun day!

  4. sounds like my kind of lunch date.

  5. Tarrah, It was a fun day! I felt bad about your neck hurting you...but it didn't stop you from taking pictures! There is a new pictures of me ever again! Although...You did make my weeds in my gardens look nice! Thanks for helping to make our day together so much fun!

  6. Those cakes look way too good!! Same with the tuna shells. Now I'm hungry,,lol. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us.