Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend....

This evening my dog Martha passed away. She was 13 and loved very much by all of us. She will be greatly missed.

Goodbye, my old friend.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dog passing away..We lost our beloved Mr.Buck (a 110 pound chocolate lab) two years ago..They are the best friend anyone could ask for..

  2. God Bless you Tarrah, so sorry for your loss, she looks like a beautiful soul.

  3. I'm so so sorry for your loss, it hurts so bad I know, one day you'll look back and be able to remember the good times without the heartache.

    Take Care

  4. So sorry to hear this! It's never fun to lose a pet. We had to put our wonderful Spanky Jeffrey - orange tabby down, two weeks ago. Thoughts and prayers to you.


  5. Tarrah, Martha was a beautiful dog. I lost my Saint Bernard, Lucy in January - on January 5th actually. I am still grieving over her. I understand your sadness.

  6. I am so sorry about martha.It hurts to loose a friend but I bet God has a special plan for martha and thats why he called her home.

  7. My heart goes out to you. Anyone who has ever Loved a pet knows your greif. Take comfort in your wonderful memories.

  8. Tarrah, I am sad to hear the news about Martha. I know how much you, Bob and the kids loved her. She will be missed...may she be buried in your hearts and may you hold the memories of Martha close.

    What we have once enjoyed
    we can never lose;
    All that we love deeply,
    becomes a part of us.
    -Helen Keller

    Hugs and love,

  9. Oh Tarrah I'm so sorry - what a beautiful dog....these are my totally favorite dogs...our son and family have two of them and they are just the sweetest dispositioned dogs.
    You will miss her for sure but think of the wonderful memories you had with her.

    Hugs, Karen

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. Martha looked like a wonderful can see her love shining in those wonderful eyes! Twelve years just aren't enough, are they? But that's all we were blessed to have had Martha in those years and she was blessed to have had you.
    Take care!

  11. This is one of the hardest things to do = losing an old friend is so tough - I feel for you

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. It made me cry. Our pets are our best friends. Remember the good times. Blessings, Janice

  13. I am so sorry to hear this because it is like having a child and I know the pain but they give us so much joy! I know you have children and I hope they are handling it okay because it is hard at any age!
    We have 3 poodles and they are so LOVED the oldest is 14 years old. You can tell he is feeling it. I am praying for your family!