Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Things by Great Friends!

Morning Prim Friends! Today is looking absolutely beautiful and it isn't supposed to be so hot, YEAH! :)
I wanted to share with you some new things that I received....I think you will like all of them!
First off, I must share with you our new, but very tiny addition to our family:

Isn't he cute?! He and his 3 brothers/sisters were orphaned from their mom, so a friend asked us if we would want one, and we took this little black cutie! We already have an orange and white male cat that is 3, so he is trying to adjust to this new little one roaming around the house.

Next take a peek at this awesome giveaway that I won from Colleen!

Let me tell you how great these look and smell! I just love these bowl fillers that she makes....what a great, great giveaway! She had them all packaged up so beautifully! Thanks again Colleen!

I also got this great magazine from Patti at her shop. I certainly enjoyed this prim magazine with lots of great reads and prim pictures with a cup of coffee.

And when I was down to visit Patti at her shop, she sent some great tarts along with me that she made. Let me tell you what....I burned the sweet orange chili pepper tart and it smells so good. I actually have it burning right now in my tart burner. It is so great! Thanks Patti!~

Well,I certainly got some great little gifts from some veary dear friends, don't ya think?! And I am so happy to have great friends!


  1. Hi Tarrah, your goodies are great! I have been admiring all those sweet painted salt dough bowl fillers ever since I first saw them on Colleen's blog-now just need to get busy and try and make some for myself. Sweet orange and chili pepper-sounds interesting!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Seasons of Thy Heart and
    Country Impressions (selling) blog

  2. Whohoo! So fun to see you enjoying and displaying my little handmades, Tarrah. Enjoy! Enjoy! I love what you've done with them...

  3. You are one lucky girl :)
    What a great giveaway that you won. I love salt dough bowl fillers that Colleen makes. They are so good for just about anything and I see you have them displayed perfectly :)

    You lucky duck you, getting the most recent magazine already. I can't wait to get mine...I so enjoyed the last one.

    Have yourself a great week!

  4. Ok, I cannot look at pictures of kittens or puppies because I get the urge....!!!! Ahhhh I want a kitten!! She is so cute!
    I saw that contest for the bowl fillers and HOW LUCKY are you? I love those.
    I am glad you like my tarts..thanks for trying them out for me. I may have more for you to test for me again!

  5. What wonderful gifts ! Your blog is also wonderful and that dress below is a must try . Now to find and old flag . Hmmm.