Monday, April 23, 2012


state of even distribution of weight or amount
steadiness, as of the body

to be equal to

It's all about Balance right? Well, I am making it a pact to be excellant with balance....You gotta make goals! :)

So much is going on, that I find myself unhappy at times, even doing the things I love. It's because: 1. I think I took on too much,(but lesson learned). 2. I wasn't giving everything on my schedule the proper time/balance that it needed. I lost focus getting caught up in "extra things" along the way, and "stole" time from other areas.

My goal is to be able to do these things that I want to, but keeping them all on an appropriate schedule. Focus on the day in front of me and where my family needs me today, and what I need today for me and our business. Sounds easy enough, right?! ;)

So, what am I balancing this week?
*Time for my husband and my 3 kiddos
*Working out at the gym x 3 this week
*Photography/Camera Lessons
*Crafting/Creative Time
*Working part time
*Taking care of home; cooking,cleaning,errands
*Various Ortho/Dental appts and Baseball games
*Online E-Course and Blogging
*VBS meetings and organization
*Preparing for instructing a craft project
*Scheduling a Brunch for this weekend with friends

I think that's it?!

We can't do everything, but we CAN do anything!

What are you all balancing?