Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chalkin' it up....

Hey friends! Hope today finds you well and getting anxious for fall, if you aren't already! :) Starting to put out some fall pieces here in this house! :) I wanted to show you this chalkboard that I made for $8 with a $235 frame! YES. $235!!!! I was searching for a neat chunky frame that I could make into a chalkboard for in my kitchen. Had I have an ordinaly dry wall kitchen, I would in no way hesitate to paint an entire wall with chalkboard. But we live in a log cabin with wood walls, and well let's just say that wouldn't suit. But, I do have a small area that was perfect for a frame,that I had yet to find.
Off to Michael's framing dept....I told them exactly what I was looking for and wanted no glass, no extras, etc...just the 4 sides of a frame. The saleslady quoted me $235 for the frame with the design I had chosen. OMG!!! I wasn't even willing to pay $50! So, SCRATCH THAT! I went on the hunt throughout the store, finally going back to her, briefly telling her what I was in need of, and asking if a display frame was for sale, and she told me no, but she did have something else..... oh now, I am INTERESTED. She pulled out THE EXACT SAME FRAME I had chosen, just in a different color. It was an order for a customer, but came back with a teeny tiny scratch, and so they re-ordered another one for that customer and she thought they would put it out for sale...AT $8~!
GASP!!! I was thrilled. Needless to say, I walked out of Michae's, beyond pleased, thankful, greatful, and ecstatic that I got exactly what I was looking for, for dirt cheap. So, a little paint later......
And finally...
Now for some daily messages,quirks, menus, and drawings.... Have a good day today! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Craftin The Summer Away

Well, summer has come and has almost gone since I last posted and I don't feel an ounce of shame for letting my blog sit idle for so long. Well, ok, maybe an ounce. :) They say to go out and live life so you have something to blog about, and get out there and do things instead of posting, posting, posting, and not taking the time to live a little. Well, that's just what I've been doing.
A few people have been budging me to get moving with posting though, and I guess you could say I just got a few moments and actually felt like doing it right now!
So, who here reads Country Living Magazine? Do you all remember in the June 2012 issue they showed a picture of the table runner that looks a tape measurer? Well, as soon as I read saw that, I. WAS. SMITTEN! I knew that I we could make that. (YES, I enlisted my husband for some of his beautiful penmenship and ability to make purrty numbers too). To Lowe's it was to pick up a drop cloth that would be long enough to cascade over each end of our 9' harvest table. Everything else was supplied right here in my craft bins... And so it began....a very timely project. But, it was so worth it!
So, who out there has seen this and pinned it to their pinterest?! ;)