Monday, September 6, 2010

A Fun Swap!

I wanted to make a quick post with pictures of some beautiful signs that Lisa from Black Sheep Prims Homeplace made for me in a swap that her and I did.
Lisa did a FANTASTIC job on these signs! I don't have them all in their perfect place yet, but I will work on that this week when I decorate for fall!
Take a look:

I also wanted to share some pictures of some more Robin's Egg Pottery that is fresh out of the kiln.

This is a smaller crock that I just had to have in robin's egg. I did a survey on Facebook asking everyone to vote on what color I should make a large crock just like this one. I was hoping for the Robin's Egg, but Rusted Barn won with the votes and luckily we made a smaller crock at the same time, and we did that one in Robin's Egg. I just LOVE how it got. What do you think? BTW, I will be showing the Rusted Barn one on here and FB when it is totally finished.

Here is a cutie little cake plate. I just love this base!


  1. Beautiful signs and love the new pottery-but I'd rather have the red! ;-)

  2. Oh, my!..They are beautiful!!..I've been wanting some of your pedestals for a while, but I couldn't decide what color....I think I'm leaning toward the blue!!!

  3. So happy u r pleased with your signs, Thanks again for a great swap!

  4. Lisa does such a fantastic job on everything that she makes...the girl has talent!
    I am loving the cake stand...looks like someone else has talent too :)