Monday, November 22, 2010

Doing Some Experimenting...

Like Thomas Edison must have said; "I think I'll try this....", and that's just what we've been doing.
In between tearing down the fall displays and putting up some Christmas decor, I moved my pewter collection to my blue stepback cupboard. It was originally on our fireplace mantle, but I needed to free that up for our stockings display. So, here is my experiment.

The next experiment was mixing up our new glaze carmel, with our robin's egg blue on this mug. Bob doesn't care for it so much, but I kinda like it, and we have a lot of customers that like "dipped" pieces, (meaning using a base glaze and dipping it into another).

I really am loving this new carmel glaze that he made. It is a very nice, matte glaze, so it is more primitive, with barely any shine to it. I can't wait till we get more pieces finished. We did 'experiment' it on some prim stars, and we know it's certainly a keeper!

*It's hard to get a close-up of these stars, but they are a beautiful light carmel color with tons of black specks...quite prim.

*I'm also really loving these napkin rings!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm really loving EVERYTHING!! Gorgeous pottery!

  2. Tarrah, I love your Pewter collection. I fell in love with the pewter I saw at Haydn Zugs..I am hoping Santa brings me some. AND I love the new pottery color and those napkin rings..WOW..can't wait to get some of Bob's new pottery here at The Brickhouse for our customers..they are going to love it, too.

  3. Tarrah, Can you email me sizes/prices of the stars? Depending on the size, I'd love some to tie onto my baskets. Thanks! ~Ann

  4. The caramel glaze is very pretty.
    I think the pewter--which is gorgeous--doesn't stand out against the bead board. Maybe if you had some plates or platter to add.....