Friday, January 7, 2011

A White Morning

*It has finally snowed!*.....all be it, a whopping 3 inches or so. Ah, who cares, atleast it's white. I here there is more on the way, but not near the accumulation we are waiting for! ;)

It is so pretty and fresh in the morning.

My little guys' snow angel! :)

Well, as I posted earlier this week,I took my Christmas decorations down before everyone went back to school. I really don't have many snowmen that I keep out, so the only things that remain out yet, are the greens outside. So yesterday after looking at this door ALL WEEK, I finally realized something....

What's wrong with this picture? Ok, other than I really need to clean my windows, and tidy things up a bit?.......

I forgot to take down our sleigh bell wreath that JINGLES QUITE LOUDLY ANY TIME THAT DOOR IS OPEN AND WE'VE BEEN IN AND OUT OF THERE 100'S OF TIMES SINCE I TOOK EVERYTHING DOWN! Duh....I always forget to pack something away. :)

On another note.....I need some help from all you great followers of my blog. I would like to do an inspirational blog post next week, and I am looking for photos of something that has inspired you out there in blog land. A certain project, a certain photograph, some beautiful display picture that you couldn't get out of your head....please send them to me. I DO however need permission to later post these pictures!
It can be something you made, or a trash to treasure re-do, or a certain display that you set up that you are so proud of. Please send them to me and I will share them later next week. Send them to:
Have a wonderful weekend my friends! :)

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous snow pictures!
    Your home is so beautiful and the area around you is gorgeous.
    We keep a leather Bell hanger on our back door...sort of acts as a door bell or at least a notification if someone enters or tries to enter the house...actually there are three large bells and they are on the strap and it hangs from a large gold ring that I hang on the door knob....I like it and works nicely and I love the jingle sound.
    Keep yours up! I like it.