Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wooly Wednesday

Well, Pennsylvania is finally getting some larger amounts of snow and it is BEAUTIFUL! So, with all the snow, it inspired me to share this with you today. Yes, I am still making these because winter will be here for awhile yet!

I even made some extra little faces for coasters, or whatever!

This cheery wool snowman mat sure does brighten up the day!

Happy Wooly Wednesday!


  1. Hi Tarrah,
    What adorable Wintery Snowmen Heads!
    So you are getting more of the white stuff - it seems to snow every day here.

  2. Love these little guys Tarrah! They just make me smile! :) We finally got snow too! We had two snow days, but we are back to the normal routine today! Have a wonderful one!! ~Sarah~

  3. Your little snowmen are darling Tarrah! Such cheery little faces to warm the heart. I've been watching the weather for my friends and family on the east coast and it isn't looking very good for a while :-(
    While it is lovely to look at, having to go out in it is a different story. Stay safe and warm.