Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Table: White, Wood, and Burlap

I'm a tweaker of certain things. I just can't let some areas of my house alone, other spots....well, it could be a year before the dust gets cleaned off. ;)

There is one piece in particular that I change almost most favorite piece; my antique harvest table. It is quite a unique piece, that is old, very long, and also narrow, plus how I aquired it is a sweet, sentimental story. So, for those of you that have asked recently about it....No, I didn't build it. BUT, later this winter/early spring, I DO plan on building a farm stay tuned.

I love changing out the centerpiece for this table, and someday I'll share pics of all the different centerpieces it has held thus far.....but for now, I was needing some pretty white tulips, a big old white pitcher, and my favorite burlap runner.

There is something so refreshing about simplicity with textures, such as burlap, with wood, and white. Throw in some fresh simple flowers and it brightens up any room.

There is contentment in the simple things. :)


  1. SO beautiful Tarrah! Less is more and simple is best! Love your table and your photos! Have a wonderful day! ~Sarah~

  2. I love the white tulips in the white jug!!! And the burlap on the old table just finishes it off!! Love it!

  3. Perfect! But where do you find burlap like that?

  4. Tarrah I LOVE this table and the story about how you got it I remember the post and it is a sweet story. Your display on it today is just beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!! :)


  5. I have always loved your table! It's perfect and I always love seeing the new displays...keep bringing them on :)

  6. Simply beautiful, Tarrah! I love your table.

    Blessings, Sue