Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wooly Wednesday Is Back!

Happy Wooly Wednesday everyone! I finally have a little, tiny wool project that I just LOVE, to share with you today. I can't promise a Wooly Wednesday every week, but I will certainly shoot for once a month! ;)

So, here they are without further delay:

You've seen me share a quick pic of these most precious little acorns before, but I just had to share them again. I know these are a little late in the season as far as thinking of fall, but I plan on keeping these little guys out all year long.

It starts with making a whole bunch of these made from wool roving.....

and then you add a whole lot of these:

and wolla':

*I MUST credit my sweet and dear friend Amy for sharing this with me, and My huge love of crafting is shared with her....thanks so much Pearl~! Love ya!

I even hung some on my rosemary cute.

and now they smell sooooo good! :)

Happy Wooly Wednesday!


  1. That is a fun idea and I love how they look on the tree.
    I have been collecting roving with coupons and waiting for a book I ordered, can't wait to learn more needle felting.


  2. Tarrah
    They are so cute. I love your woolie Wednesdays. I love to work with wool and look forward to getting into it more this year. Do you have a source for the roving?? I would love to try these for my trees.


  3. They are such cute little things! Much more colorful than their natural counterparts. A jar full of them would be very cheery. :)

  4. They are cute Tarrah! My daughters dog ate one of hers off of the tree. She found the acorn top laying on the floor and wondered where it came from..... it took a while to sink in! LOL Can't figure out why he did that!

    Love your tree... never saw one like that before!

  5. LOVE these Tarrah!!! They are so cute and fit perfectly on your rosemary tree!! :)


  6. Those are awesome...thanks for sharing....
    such a creative and clever idea...