Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some favorites

First off a big thank you to those that buy our products. We love what we do and it is our hope that you love and enjoy Indian Trail Pottery as much as we do.
I will have more pottery and a few other goodies for sale this week again, stay tuned! :)

I'm going to back up a little bit and show you the rest of the pictures from our pottery open house. I took lots of set up pictures and there are some new things that I am still quite excited about, so I thought I would post them today and then move on to all the other things I want to post later in the week.
So, here we go....more on the open house......

These were just a few of my favorite pieces:

*A flower frog

*2 Unique Strawberry pots for a customer

This is a very new piece-he made one and only one at the very last minute. A juice dispenser.

*My new favorite vase....he made 2 of these and they were gone right away...needs to make a lot more.

*A large wide shallow bowl

*Mouse urn.

*A wall flower pocket.


  1. All very beautiful! Wish I lived close so I could shop in person.

  2. Tarrah~

    All your pottery is beautiful. The mouse urn is my favorite although the juice dispenser comes in at a close second. Your blue & white quilt is quite lovely.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  3. wow look at all that hard work! love the juice dispenser!!

  4. WOW!!!! That new juice dispenser is awesome!!! But my favorite is the large wide shallow bowl!!! What's the measurements on that? Is it big enough to be a pasta bowl? Hope you're have a great week!! :)

    Spring Blessings,

  5. Thanks ladies!
    Dana the bowl is 13" wide, and about 3" high. It is very nice and wide and can hold oodles of pasta! :)