Monday, April 18, 2011

Making a House a Home

Isn't it fun to tweak with your very own treasures you've aquired?
To antique, to collect,to dig through bins at a flea market, to create your own pieces of you....All of this is you making your house a home.

Wood Tones....

Collections ~ Displays....

A home is your canvas, your touches of creations. Colors, vignettes, displays, aromas, and warmth is what defines your own humble abode.

Touches of the outdoors,indoors....

*My favorite posie picked by my favorite little man!

Warm glow of candlelight.....


Warm Wool Rugs....

How do you make your house YOUR home? Would love to hear back from you....and I always love pictures too!!!! :)


  1. Oh no wonder your house feels like a home with all those treasures. Some obviously well loved for many many years and each with its own story too I am sure!!

  2. Wonderful post Tarrah!! I LOVED seeing all of the photos of your collections. Hope you have a great week! :)

    Spring Blessings,