Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crow Crocks

Good Evening Friends! Two posts in one, I'm on a roll. I wanted to start offering pottery again on here until I have the chance to start up a selling blog or an online shop. So, in the meantime I will share random pieces here! :)

Up for your consideration is our popular prim crow crock.

I have 4 of these beauties ranging in sizes between 5-5.5" wide, and approx 3.5" tall. They are $18 each.

They are adorned with a crow holding a star in their mouth....(the crock is stamped around the crock 3 times total).

Perfectly Prim.

There is a black rim around the top of the crock...

So many uses for these beauties....

Email me if interested at Again, I have 4 of them available now and the price is $18 plus shipping.
Thanks so much for looking.

If you didn't get to read today's earlier post, please scroll down and do so. I got to meet some blogging friends! :)
Have a great evening!


  1. Tarrah, These are so cute! I love everything! I had requested a price on your coffee mugs. I know you were busy with your open house, it's one of the ones in your Coffee Talk article. The picture is next to last and it's the cream color mug with darker brown on top. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jodi..yes, I remember your email...somehow I thought I replied back to you. I sincerely head is still spinning from the craziness of the open house. That mug is glazed in "mouse" and it is quite sweet...We have a bunch of them here and they sell for $15 each. Email me if you would like some more pictures and details. Thanks Jodi and sorry about that! :)

  3. These are really cute Tarrah!