Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Like a Lion....

Well, March is certainly arriving just like the proverb says....In like a lion. Now, will it go out like a Lamb?

I wanted to get on here so many times these past few days, but something always got in the way; Me being sick and hardly having any energy to sit up for more than 30 minutes,so many little things happening at once, my computer somehow getting the same miserable cold I did...YEP, she caught a virus or two, but hopefully she is ok now....she even got a pretty new look to her! ;)

So, I am back. And let me just add that I have missed you all. :) You guys are my daily dose of life outside of little old Gratz, Pennsylvania, and it feels good to connect to those of you in Maine, Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, California, Tennessee, or wherever you may be. You may not know it, but your words and comments help feed my soul! I've come to count on so many of you, and look to all of you for inspiration (as well as decorating ideas). :) I read your stories, laugh at your funny moments, and am deeply saddened at your times of sorrow and desperation. We've all just kind of been put together for such a time as this, and I feel blessed to belong to such a group of wonderful friends. So, from here on out, I hope to be a better friend to you and look forward to our times of chatting and blogging together.

I've had some time to read some great material and have found such inspiration that I plan on sharing with you soon as well as many other great and fun things. So, come back....I promise not to bore you too much!

So, here is to March going out like a lamb!

Much Love,


  1. I've been a follower for a short time, but I'm glad to hear you are back. Glad to know you are on the mend. I'm still fighting my cold that I have had for the last three weeks.
    Enjoyed your post!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  2. aww glad you feel better! Seems like everyone has some sort of virus lately....even those darn computers LOL

  3. Tarrah,
    Wonderfully, sweet post!! We have missed you too! I am glad you are feeling better. Take it easy for a while so you can feel 100%! Here's to Spring....can't wait for it! Take care my friend! ~Sarah~

  4. Tarrah I'm so glad you are feeling better!! I feel for you I was sick for three weeks with the flu then everybody in the house got a horrible virus!! I'm so glad all that is behind us now. Spring has Sprung here in South Carolina....all the Bradford Pear trees are so pretty in white full bloom!! I've bought fresh flowers for my urn I sure am enjoying it and now I can't wait for my Gerber Daisy's to bloom so I can put some in my jug and urn!! Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

    PS. I'm loving my tart burner too!! :)


  5. Tarrah, I had wondered how you were doing-hadn't seen you here for a bit. Hopefully you will get your energy back and perhaps with some warmer weather you'll be feeling better soon!
    Blessings to you~

  6. Happy you're back and feeling better! I too hope March goes out like a lamb for all of you who have been receiving the storms of winter this year!