Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Officially Spring!

Hi Friends....sorry for the delay of posts here at The Pottery's been one busy week!

First off I celebrated a birthday with my family on St. Patrick's Day. What a great day I had....tons of fb messages, emails, and phone calls kept me busy ALL DAY! It was such a treat! My beautiful family treated me to some of the most precious sentiments and gifts and we dined to some very yummy corned beef and cabbage, and a birthday cake that my husband made and frosted ALL. BY. HIMSELF!!!!! :)

Yummy dish! (I forgot to take a pic of the cake, but it was AWESOME!) ;)

We've been super busy glazing, glazing, glazing all those pieces that were pictured in my previous takes quite awhile to get just one batch glazed, and let me tell you....we definitely have LOTS of batches to glaze yet. Bob has made even more pieces since I last posted! He's been BUSY!

So here is some of our NEW designs all pretty and ready for the open house (these pieces are all done in Speckled Egg)....

*Berry Bowl....a mini collander for all those ripe juicy berries this summer!

*Herb Pot with Saucer....I can't wait to show you what these little lovelies look like with there wonderful aromatic herbs in them! I'll be planting them in this weekend...ahhh, fresh rosemary, basil, thyme, mint.....can you smell them?! :)

*Angled Pitcher...a newbie look to a timeless classic!

*A Mini Cake (or petite fours) Plate

Hope you enjoyed the mini preview of Speckled Egg....there's lots more though to see! If you can't wait, you can like us on Facebook and see some brand new Mouse pieces straight out of the kiln by clicking HERE.


  1. I love your little minis they are wonderful. I love little cake or cupcake plates...yours is wonderful.



  2. Happy late bday Tarrah! Love the new little cake plate.
    Happy Spring~

  3. Tarrah I LOVE all the new pottery!!! My favorite is the little berry bowl I have to have one of those too!!! I'm so addicted to your pottery...I'm going to run out of room here soon!!! Have a great week. :)