Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Swap!

Well, I'm still thinking spring....but snow came anyway to our area on Sunday evening! The good thing about a March snow is, it melts quick! The sun shone all day yesterday and a lot of it is gone already....but boy, no one saw that coming!

So, to keep my mindset on spring, it is time that I show you some of the most wonderful, adorable, and terrificly smelling tarts that I got from Dana!

~So precious!

If you've nevered ordered anything from Dana~ now is the time! Treat yourself to some of her new spring pieces! Her scents are absolutely wonderful, and she has the most adorable bowl filler and tart designs.

Beautiful honeysuckly flowers....I now have these displayed on a tray...forgot to take a pic. of that.

Thanks so much Dana! I love them all, and they are all scattered throughout the house to help welcome spring at this snowy cabin!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Tarrah I always look forward to our swaps they are so much fun!! I'm so glad you are enjoying your Spring goodies!! I just LOVE my pottery I've been buying fresh flowers from the grocery store until my Gerber Daisy bloom to put in my Urn. Remember burn those tarts!!!haha Thanks again Tarrah you are the BEST!!! :)