Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Acorns!

You all know how much I love these adorable woolie acorns, right?

Well, I couldn't let a season go by without having some acorns to help dress up the spring and Easter season.

Acorns in pastels, your thinking? But, when they're this cute, how could you go wrong...

I'm also trying to bring in some of the first cut flowers for the year by forcing some of my forsythia.

I had to string up some acorns on these branches for a unique display...

*For anyone interested in purchasing some acorn ornies, they sell $2. each or 13 for $24. Email me at:
Thank you for all your kind comments on our new crow-ware. :) We were quite excited and encouraged by your responses, and so we are making lots more crow ware pieces. *Also, to answer some questions regarding the crow crocks, they are available for sale at $18. Email me to place an order.
Have a very enjoyable weekend friends!


  1. What cheerful little acorns! LOVE your harvest table - I'm trying to track one down just like it for myself!

  2. Good morning - we were reading each other's blogs at the same time! LOL Love the acorns and they look so cute on the forsythia branches. I usually have cut my branches by now but we'd need hip waders to get to them right now. Maybe after our rain larer today I can get some. They really do mean spring, don't they??!!

    Have a great week!HUGS

  3. Tarrah, your acorn creations are beautiful! To pretty for only one season or occasion. Can't wait to see your next batch.
    Have a wonderful Sunday~