Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Sure Spring!

I've finally found some sure signs of is truely coming friends...with only about 10 days to go on the calendar, I've found real proof in the earth's soil that it is planning to arrive!

I took these pictures of the flowers pushing through on Saturday....on Sunday, it snowed about 4 inches! LOL!!! What a sense of humor the good Lord has! :)

And since spring is definitely coming, here at Indian Trail Pottery, we are going to make sure all those new birdies will have plenty of homes to find.

These are our Bird Bottles. They hang horizontally from a screw hole on the base of the bottle, with the stick being a perch for the birdie to then hop into the bottle. They are perfect to have on a porch, shed, deck, barn....anywhere you want to house some birdies!

This is also a new color that we have introduced on our bird bottle...SEA GREEN! It's a mist of blues and greens like the Caribbean waters! Very soothing!
We have a bounty of bird houses and bird bottles (shown) in the works. Will show the bird houses when they are finished.

Now, you remember the forsythia branches I was forcing this past weekend? Well, this is what greeted us this morning:

What a wonderful touch of spring on this very rainy day!

Happy Day Friends!


  1. YIPPEEEEE!!! Signs of SPRING! :)
    I love love your Bird Bottle!
    have a fabulous day, Tarrah

  2. I love that bird bottle! much are you selling them for?...I think I need one for all the birds that are hanging around outside my feeder!

  3. Love that bottle! so pretty! you are so talented!
    I can't wait for it to be Spring!!