Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Woolie Wednesday!~ Older Rug Hookings

Hi friends! I've been away from blogland for almost a week due to the crazy parenting role of 3 very active kids! :) Everyone at this time of year just seems so busy and active with all the school activities, sports, outdoor care and activities, and planning the summer season just ahead of us!
So, since its Woolie Wednesday, I wanted to show you my two rug hookings that I did quite awhile back that I mentioned in last weeks' post.
This is my very first one:

It is a fluffy sheep with 4 log cabin squares out around it. I saw this pattern in Gettysburg years ago, and just knew that I could draw something out on some scotch burlap for my own pattern that would be quite similar to the one I saw. So that is what I did. I didn't have a lot of wool colors at the time, so the squares out around it are quite bright for my taste, but again, it was my very first attempt at rug hooking, and I was just thrilled that I did it. So Please, PLEASE don't look too close at it for some uneven loops! ;)

My next rug hooking came a year or so later and once again, it was just drawn out by me, using the hit-n-miss type pattern. I really like the look of these for some reason....

This rug isn't laying nice and flat because of all the pinning in the back....I'll explain in a couple sentences.....
Here is what the back looks like:

So simple to make! These are very good, and easy projects to do if you are just starting out with rug hooking!
Now, you can see that after all this time I STILL have not finished the backing of this rug (you can see some of the burlap peeking out around the edges on the front).

Can I tell ya that I HATE finishing things like this off, because it takes a lot of time, and it is kind of tricky! But, I just pinned it a week ago and I literally have it sitting at the exact same spot where I put it down a week ago....haven't touched it since then. The rug was sitting out on a shelf but there were some things on top of it, so it always looked finished....but it is high time that I finish it now, since I FINALLY got some black binding for it! LOL!! Again, can I use the 'just too busy' card?! LOL!!! :)
On a side note....for some of you that know me really well know that I have a doggie that isn't doing so well and realizing that her time with us is very short. She is 13, and my husband and I got her a few months before we got married, so she has always been in our lives and we are really sad to know that she won't be with us much longer. She is holding her own right now, but we have decided that we can't keep her alive through medication, especially since it really isn't helping that much. So, I wanted to share a picture of dog, Martha.

Well, have a wonderful week! Hope you all are enjoying time with your families! :) Tarrah


  1. Tarrah, The tears are falling here about Martha..What a sweet dog..I FEEL for you. You and your family have been in my thoughts.

  2. Your two rugs are great designs! I've done several hit & miss projects myself, and rug hookers are always drawn to sheep, yes? I still plan on snapping a picture of my parcheesi rug to send to you.

  3. I hate that about your dog. But we never want them to suffer. I know you have many sweet memories with her.
    Your rugs are lovely.

  4. So sorry to hear about your dog..My thoughts and prayers are with you..On a lighter note I do love the rugs you made..

  5. Sorry to hear about your doggie Tarrah!!!

    Cute little rugs!