Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have truely been missing from blog land, and I am sorry. I keep thinking that I am now on the downside from the busy activities, and for once I know I am. Softball and baseball games are winding down....only a few left and they are more spaced out now. Most all of the big activities that I was involved with or attending are pretty much over, and school is soon out. My husband only has 6 days left! So, hopefully then can we get a lot of projects done around here, and get a LOT of pottery made! I am trying to keep caught up on reading everyones blogs, and it seems that everyone is ready for summer!
I know that today is Wednesday, but Woolie Wednesday is taking a week off. It will return next week! ;) Once summer is here, I will be cutting back on the woolie Wednesday projects to either one or two a month. Who wants to work with big heavy wool in 90 degree weather?! Plus, I plan on doing a lot of vegging this summer and can't keep a schedule!
So, here is where I have been lately......

Plus my son's games, but whenever I finally get to his, I forget my camera. I will have to take some and share them with you later!
I also wanted to share some photos of some kiln mis-haps. These trays were to be gifts for some special friends and something that was sitting beside them in the hot kiln blew up and sent huge chards of fired clay everywhere and this is what it did to them. This is the picture after we grinded the huge pieces off with a dremel..... so, I guess I have to use them now.

Ok, well I need to get some real work done now! :) Hope you are all well, and I promise to get on here a little more often now! Toodles!

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