Monday, May 10, 2010

MY New Pottery!

Well, how was everyones mothers day? I had a very nice and enjoyable day even though the weather really changed our plans around A LOT, it was still great! We were going to take a road trip to Philly, but that will now be happening later in the month or wait until school is out.
Anyway, I told you all that I had gotten a few hints about what my mother's day gift would be.....some pottery, and here it is:

Bob made me a(n almost) matching set of blue pitchers! Everything he makes is free hand, so nothing ever completely turns out like any other piece, but that is just great, because it is all its own unique piece that way. Anyway, he knows I just love the big pitchers and I had told him before that I would like a set of 2 because of our long (10 ft) antique harvest table. (*BTW, I still have to tell you guys that story about me aquiring that table!) So, that is just what he did....he made these 2 for me and they are the largest pitchers he has yet to make.....he started with approx. 4 lbs of clay for each!

They are so have to come see them in person! ;) Apparently a few people saw them before me and wanted to buy them, but Bob couldn't do it.....I was finally getting my own pottery for a gift! :) The joke is, that I never get any for myself....we sell everything first, and I get the leftovers! LOL!!!!!

...And lookie what else I got!.....

No, it's not a new Kitchenaid mixer, its the ICE CREAM MAKER ATTACHMENT FOR MY KITCHENAID MIXER!!!!! YEAH!!!! :) LOL!!! I kept telling everyone that I want a nice compact ice cream maker that is semi quick and doesn't require all the ice, and all the rock salt, and after some debating this is what I chose! I must have been a good momma! ;)
I will let you all know how the ice cream turns out....hope to make some this week! :)
Now, I also wanted to share some MORE pottery pictures with you....this is something very new that Bob is going to be doing, and this was his first and only piece so far that he has tried......

....writing on the pottery! He made this as a little surprise gift for Tim and Patti at the Brickhouse Craft Shop!
It is his own freehand writing on the pottery inside a band of glaze. Isn't it cool?!

It has the shop name, with the town of Millersburg, Pa, and the year the shop was established: 2007. I think we surprised Patti and Tim, and we think they really liked it!
Well, I also put my order in for some pieces for the kids with their names and birthdates and some crocks with our school name for some gifts, and the list goes on! ;) Can't wait to get started on these pieces!
Ok, time to get started with the day! Have a great one! Tarrah


  1. Oh I in love with them pitchers!!! lucky girl you!...Hope you had a wonderful Mama's day!...and I would love to hear how you aquired your 10ft table!

  2. Tarrah,

    The pitchers are wonderful. Glad he didn't sell them out from under you! Please let us know how the ice cream turns out, I have a Kitchenaide and need a new ice cream freezer. I didn't know that there was even an attachment. I'll be interested to know. ~Ann

  3. Your work is so exquisite! I am glad I visited your site and saw them today. Your photos are also wonderful.