Friday, May 14, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream!

Ahhhh, homemade ice cream....nothing like it! :)
I told all of you that I would give you a little review of my new ice cream maker and let you know how the new ice cream recipe turned out, and the results are in: fantastic!
I made it late one night after getting home from a ball game, and it hit the spot! I wanted to make strawberry, but 2 of the kids kind of wrinkled up their noses and said no, we just want vanilla. So, I made vanilla and just kept the cut up strawberries for who ever wanted them to throw in their own little bowls.
Here is that yummy cream mixture churning around starting to thicken:

Add a little strawberries....

And voila!

It took about 25 minutes of churning to have the ice cream....and my kids couldn't wait for it, they had to have it right away, so it is SOFT! After I dished theirs out, I put the bowl in the freezer to harden up the ice cream a little bit more.
I did make the french vanilla recipe that came with the maker, but it had such a great vanilla bean taste to it, and this is the reason why:

This is from Williams Sonoma, and I highly recommend it. I was going to buy a couple vanilla beans and split them open for all the great flavor and for those little black specks (the vanilla bean seeds), but they recommended this to me...It's kind of like a liquidie paste with such a great pure gourmet vanilla flavor! It's now a new fave! :)
So there you have my little review....Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker....It's A Good Thing! :)
Now, I'm off to get ready for a crazy weekend of birthday to you next week! Tarrah


  1. Thanks for posting the update on the ice cream maker. I'm going to have to check this out for my Kitchenaid. ~Ann

  2. It looks so delicious..Have fun at your birthday parties..