Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woolie Wednesday!~ Patriotic Mug Mats

Hi friends! Once again, Wednesday snuck up on me too quickly! But, I do have a small new little project to share with you today. It really isn't new, but the design is new.
You remember the tutorial I did on the mug mats back in March? You can read about it HERE. They looked like this:

...and this.....

Well, I made them a little patriotic....

Keeping the same size circles I just made a star that had all its points touching the middle star and completely omitted the small circle. Now I know how many of us just love our stars in decorating, and these are super easy to make....Memorial Day is just around the corner! ;)
I wish I had a full stack of 4 to show you, but I sold those and now I am working on another stack!
But first I have to finish a project/gift for this weekend. Hope it all goes well, I will share it with you when it is all finished! Have a great day! Tarrah


  1. I think I found something else to work on in the evenings! Love these little "penny rug" creations I see out there!
    Thanks for sharing your idea! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi - first time I stop by. Love your blog. I'll have to come back often. I love penny rugs and have made several for my home and to sell at a craft show.

  3. Very nice..I love the star design..Have a great rest of the week..

  4. Just wanted to say 'Hi!' and let you know I love your patriotic mug mats - guess I'll have to hunt out those pieces of wool felt I've stashed away!
    Best wishes