Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woolie Wednesday!~ A new rug hooking

Well, here it is....Wednesday is once again upon us, and I have another new wool project to show you.
This one is "also in the works", and was actually just started about a week ago. I wish I had a lot more done than I do, but finding free time right now is extremely hard. I must say though that this is one project that will really bug me and I will continue to work at until it is done. I have a lot of other projects that I just put off to the side for some time and pick it back up when I feel inspired, but this is NOT one of them.....I want to see this one finished baby! :)
So, after receiving my material to do my rug hooking on, I had Bob help me draw out my design. I wanted to hook a PARCHESSI BOARD!......

*We only made one little line error while doing this with a sharpie!!!! :)
The colors I am using is an assortment of blues and cremes/oatmeal colors.

Here is the start of it......

And here is my progress.....this is as far as I got.

It measures 24 inches square, and I am quite excited about it. This is my first ever large rug hooking. I have made only 2 previous ones (I hope to show you one next week), and the are really, really small. So this is a big jump for me, and I am by no means an expert on this! It will not be perfect, but that is long as it is perfect for me! ;)

Now, onto some other things.....Bob is still trying to play catch up with some pottery orders.....
I wanted to show you these little salt cellars we started making awhile back. People really like these little things and one lady needed 15 this week, so I snapped a picture so you could see them before she picked them up. She noticed that I have some here to keep my rings or earrings in when I take them since she sells jewelry, she is giving these away as little gifts! How cute is that?!

And in between holding the fort down while life is just crazy, I managed to get an old cabinet painted. I found this piece antiquing about a week ago and it was just perfect for up in my craft room. I needed a nice cabinet with shelves and storage space....the only problem was the color! It was an awful shade of yellow.....but that doesn't ever pose a problem.....a little bit of paint gave this cabinet just what it needed! (The pictures show it being much brighter and glossier than it was.....I shot this with the flash on b/c it was still dark this morning when I took the pic!) :)

Ok, well let me just say BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The weather is just crazy right now in Pa and it is quite frigid and I need to turn on the fire (by a remote) and catch up on all your blogs!
Have a great day!


  1. Morning, Tarrah ~
    Your rug is going to be awesome & blues and creams are my favorite colors together. Love the salt cellars & your new prim cabinet. Can't wait to see your other small rugs. Have a great week.

  2. Oh...I can't wait to see your hooked rug completed. It will look awesome! Something I haven't tried yet, it seems a little hard and you need patience.

    I love everything that you and your husband make. Such beautiful pieces! And how sweet for that lady to be giving away a piece with her jewelry.

    I LOVE your new cabinet! It looks so big and perfect to store things away. What a little bit of paint can do to a piece is just amazing.

    Have a great week!

  3. Your new rug is going to be great! I've hooked up a parchessi board myself and they're fun to work on!

  4. love the rug. can't wait to learn how my self.

  5. Your rug is going to look awesome when finished..I am loving the cabinet..Have a great week..

  6. Hi Tarrah!
    Great job on the hooking!!! Looks really nice!
    Like Bob's latest pottery, too.
    And your cupboard is lovely!
    You are doing some nice work!!!

  7. Hi Tarrah, I love the new rug you are working's going to be gorgeous.
    Loving the blue you have going on.

  8. Tarrah ~
    Your rug is going to be wonderful! I love the colors you have chosen.
    The cupboard for your craft room is perfect for storage. Antique cupboards top my list of favorites.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. I too am new to hooking and love what you have done so far. Can you tell me where you got your wool for your newest project.. I just love the colors.