Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Woolie Wednesday~ A crazy quilt beginning

For today's woolie wednesday project, it is only a beginning step that I am showing you. Why? Because that is all I have done! LOL!!! :) I have finally taken that first step towards the Wool Crazy Sew Along Challenge, thanks to Brenda! :)
I mentioned the WCSA blog to you before, but if you are still interested, just click on the box in the upper right corner of my blog that will take you there and it helps to navigate you on where to begin with me. People are at all different stretches of their crazy quilting, but that is what makes it fun...I, along with some others, just started this past weekend, and some are almost finished with it. But we are all there to answer questions and help you out along the way. If you have any questions, you can always email me and I can try to answer any questions or help you in any way I can...I am by no means an expert, as you are about to see....I have made my share of mistakes....
So, here is the beginning of my 24 x 24 square. Again, this is all completely out of wool, and I have a lot of excess hanging off (I didn't cut the excess off until I was done).

And after only one finger cut later (my thumb grabbed the rotary cutter with the blade up), and a couple of hours of labor, here is the finished square:

I have a couple of small mistakes but I am not sweating it...this was my first attempt at a real crazy quilt square and my wool appliques and stitching will cover up quite a few little blurbs. ;) So, that is my progress, and hopefully when I have some appliques done, I will share it again. I encourage you to join in on the fun with the WCSA if you have been debating it...It is a great oppurtunity to get very creative with an open canvas of WOOL!
Now, do you remember on Monday I had some yard work (mulching) to do?! Well, here is what I chose to do instead:

Yummy coconut cake along with the new Country Living Magazine!
But, I did get those lilacs cut! ;)

And, I also thought I would share my latest finding at the Goody (GW):

Yep, a great big piece of is almost 7 feet long and 54" high, all for only $4! This might make some very nice stockings, or make some nice piecings for the quilt, or go nicely into a braided rug, or make a nice shawl, or I can work it into a penny rug, or rug hooking, or...............................
Stay tuned later in the week for a fun trivia post!!!??????? ;)


  1. Your WCQ is going to be great- love the colours that you picked for your background!! Can't wait for the applique!! That's the fun part!

  2. love those lilacs!!! I have a baby lilac and it is producing the littlest ones..I can't wait to smell their the crazy wool quilt you made and love the wool you got at GW...have a great day.:)and I would have done the same thing..good magazine and cake..I love the combo.;)

  3. Quilt is looking good! Flowers look so nice especially in the white pitcher. OH and that cake looks so good...did you save me a piece?

  4. Looking forward to watching your quilt come to life!!!