Monday, April 19, 2010

And the answer is...........

Well the answers are in....and you all had some great guesses! Anywhere from Donald Trump to Regis, to Lady Liberty herself. But, I am sorry to say that none of you were do you really want to know who I met?

Are you sure?

I will give you a is a woman! ;)

With the name of:

MARTHA STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I did indeed met Miss Martha 3 years ago on April 13th, which was a Friday.....then on April 16th I was on national television talking to Martha on HER SHOW!!!!!!!!!(Being aired)

*Let me just tell you that it was the WORST hair day to be on national television! We got to NYC in the late morning and it was so cold, and extremely windy! Well, we stood outside for awhile before going in to the show and there went my long nice curly was then a tangled mess! UGH!

Can you tell that I am still excited?!
I was given a very rare oppurtunity to sit in the very front row beside the monitor that Martha reads from along with 2 friends, at a taping of Martha! And the guest that day was GENE WILDER!!! And I got to sit beside his wife and TALK WITH HER TOO!!!! :0)
It was truely a day I will never,ever, ever forget!
To see the show from that day, click HERE!
To see the Ask Martha segment where I got to ask her a question click on the Ask Martha segment clip! Hopefully it will load for seems to take a long time, but then if you go back to it later it will 'hopefully' work....not sure why it is having a hard time playing it. :(

This is me here with Amy in the above photo, and me with Abby in the photo below...2 of my dear closest friends that I was with. (Our other friend didn't make it... :(, and thanks to Amy for making this allllll possible!!!) Again with my bad hair....Amy's hair is all nice and combed, but I am trying to keep some curl in mine and.....well, it just wasn't happening.

Here is her beautiful set, filled with huge crocks!

Here I am eating one of Marthas' cookies outside the set! YUM!!
P.S. I stole 3 more cookies to take home to my kids so they could each have a Martha cookie too! :) THEY WERE THE BOMB!!!!! :)

More set pictures!

Me outside the building! :)

Let me just tell you I was going crazy that friend recalls that I nearly "wet myself when they sat me in the front row...right in front of Martha!" It's true....I was ecstatic! It was a life changing moment...and then to chat it up with her (in between commercial breaks) and Mrs. Gene Wilder...which you can see me right beside her when they show her, (I was always trying to get in front of the camera).

So, anyway....that is my little 5 minutes of fame story! LOL!!! And now, I guess you are all waiting to hear who won my giveaway.....well I can tell you that there weren't many who responded at all, so that is good for you guys! But, I can't tell you yet, because I am waiting on my kids to pick out the name will have to wait just a little bit longer! :(


  1. What fun that must have been for you!
    Don't know why I didn't throw her name into the mix I was guessing with? She did cross my mind. Oh well....
    Have a great day!

  2. I always wanted to meet her..but then I thought it would burst my bubble if she was the photos and your hair looks great by the way.;)

  3. i know you wont believe this, but i was reading bout your giveaway and when you said guess who it was if you didnt know, the very first thing i thought was . . . "well it had to be martha stewart!" LOL! i should have went with my instinct and voted with that guess anyway! lol! lucky devil you!

  4. Lucky you..I have always liked Martha Stewart.

  5. Happy to read your post and see all the pictures of your life changing day!!! How fun!!! See you tomorrow!!!

  6. How fun......sorry I missed the giveaway but I did enjoy the story :0).
    I actually came over to see your wool crazy.....
    and see if you have done anything with the wool Brenda sent to you :0)

    Happy sewing