Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Closet Door Project

Hi friends! I wanted to share a small project that we finally got finished. Doesn't it feel great crossing off one more project on that big "to-do" list? I personally find great satisfaction in that, almost to the point where my husband will threaten (teasingly) to cross it off before I do! ;)
Awhile back I found a picture of some plain old closet doors that were revamped and made to look nice and prim, but I have no idea who it was and where I saw it (to give credit to). As soon as I saw this picture I knew it was the answer to a dilemma I had with my son's closet doors....they were just those cheap flimsy wooden folding closet doors and his were never painted, but were still ugly and I could never find any bifold doors that I really did like to replace them.
Sooooo...this is what we did....(but can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the "before" doors, but I am sure that most of you have the general idea......

We gave them that prim carriage type barn door look by applying small panels length wise and then a strip across the top and bottom. They looked so nice without paint, but they needed paint to just give a little more color to his room and to the house, since its all brown inside. :)

The photo above makes them look a lot brighter than what they are..

And we went with blue!.....His room is done in reds and blues, so it does tie everything in very nicely.....now, the only thing I am not sure about yet, is going over it with stain?! The debate is out, what do you think?......I think it would prim them up even more, but I just don't want them to appear too dark......
Other than that, I think they really turned out great!


  1. I love it...I love the blue so much.

  2. they look awesome!! I have a dining room door that I need to do something to..

  3. Love the way the doors look now. I think I would give them a light stain for that prim look.


  4. Really like the doors. GREAT idea!!

    Have a God Filled Day

  5. Tarrah, WOW what a difference! They turned out great! LOVE it! Hmmmm?... As for staining I probably would stain them but maybe just keep them unstained for awhile until you are sure of what you want..I must say Bob did a GREAT job! Can I borrow him to help cross things off my long list? :)

  6. What a great idea!!! They look fantastic!
    Wait a while, they may 'age' on their own.

  7. If you take a small piece of wood and paint it, as you have done on the closet doors, and stain it you would be able to see if it's the look you want...Then go around your room and put your sample piece up against the pieces of furniture in the room...But the look is awesome and I will be doing this to my doors...Love it and thanks for the idea...

  8. The doors look very nice, great idea Tarrah and good work Bob. Seth was very impressed too : )