Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage Tray Chalkboards

Well, its officially spring and it is so nice to actually say that! :) The buds on all my trees are really pushing and everything is really getting green...yeah!
We have been extremely busy here preparing for our open house....I am quite nervous, and anxious all at the same time. I just hope I have enough inventory, and I hope people like the inventory available....again, I'm quite nervous! ;)
Here is some items that I made that isn't really prim, but I guess it would kind of be considered shabby chic....

*The pictures aren't the's kind of gloomy out today

I love the look of these, and they can be great fun sitting around with cute little messages. I know some people won't like them because they aren't prim, but my house is a collection of all things that I love, and it isn't 100% prim at all...its quite an eclectic mix, but that is what makes me smile, and makes it ME! :)
So anyway, I will have all these available at the open house! And speaking of the open house, I need to get back to work on getting things done! Have a great Monday!


  1. My DH and I are heading out your way for our anniversary weekend. I have been trying to find an address so maybe we could stop for your open house. Could you email me with your address so I can get directions.
    I love the trays. very creative.

  2. Good luck Tarrah....wishing I could be there.
    The trays are wonderful...I'm sure they will be a conversation piece.

  3. Well I LOVE LOVE them,,,All the best on the open house..I'm so excited for you and well..wish it was me too..I'm dreamin of doing an open house for hubby and I with the furniture he makes...and the crafts I do (well I'm supposed to do,lol)