Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back....with lots of photos!

Well friends, I am finally back to blogging after being without a computer for 3 and a 1/2 days! My computer crashed on me during the craziest time.....preparing and setting up for our open house. So, I am now back in blogging business, and there is so much to update you on! :)
First off let me say that the open house was great and we had so much fun! It was quite exhausting, but it was worth it and seeing some old friends and meeting many new ones made it even more awesome! I had blog followers that I got to see which is always nice! Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us...we appreciate you guys and we do have the best customers!
Ok, so are you ready for some pictures? I didn't get any pictures with people here, I snapped these photos before anyone came and while I was doing those last minute finishing touches "knock, knock" it began! YEAH!!! :)

Here are a few photos of these new cake pedestal plates in white....these were a big hit! So, we have quite a lot more to make! :)

Now, I hear a big congratulations to APP are in order...I had to call PATTI to have her tell me the big news that APP was announcing on Friday night....I wanted to know the scoop and without a computer I couldn't wait, so I called Patti and she told me. How exciting that will be....I just love magazines that are chock full of prim goodness!


  1. Tarrah, EVERYTHING looks so nice. I am sad that I wasn't able to come to the Open House. I do see some things that I want! Your house and all your goodies look so nice! I noticed a pottery piece in your 3rd picture..the brown "urn" with the handles...AWESOME...Bob the Potter Rocks! Did you sell all the sheep needlepunch kits? If not I am buying one!
    Glad to know that you got your computer and you are able to be back online. I was waiting to see pictures so this was a treat going on your blog and seeing everything. Now you should rest today and not do anything except be on your new computer. (I want one of those pedestal's..!)

  2. OH Tarrah I wish I lived close enough to be at your open house...I love it all..glad you had a great time..)

  3. Oh Tarrah...what an awesome job you did. Everything looks so beautiful. I wish I lived close by because I definitely would have been over ...

  4. Tarrah,
    Everything looks wonderful, so wish I lived closer. Love that stack of boxes.

  5. Hi Tarrah,
    I'm glad we do live close enough to have made the visit. It was so much fun. And your house is lovely! Zip was really impressed with your chicken house!!!
    Thanks for your hospitality!