Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Handmades!

I wanted to quick post a few new handmades that I got...but these aren't from me. These are from some very talented fellow bloggers out there that most of you know, and if you don't know them....get to know them and check them out, they do great great work! Just a warning...my pictures do NOT do all these upcoming pieces justice.
First off is PAM. She makes all different types of beautiful baskets and a couple weeks back she posted a set of 8 adorable shaker baskets in different colors....well, I just had to have a set, and since it was my birthday, it was approved and that was one of my birthday gifts! :)
Check them out on the top beam up there....

Not sure if I am keeping them there, or if I will put them above my large windows on a shelf (that Bob would have to make). They are just so cute!
Now, check out this beautiful writing desk constructed by TERESA'S husband....they both do such great work....I just love this piece and this will hide my laptop when not in use. I absolutely love this color, (I also loved the red, but I went with blue this time, since I am pulling some blues into my color scheme as of lately).

So, that was my other birthday present....I certainly am lucky to have such a great husband that got them for me....of course I made it very easy on him...I did all the ordering! LOL!!! :)
This day has turned into a cold, rainy, windy mess! It is just pouring here and the rain is hitting the windows sideways...yuck, wouldn't want to be out and about today...lucky for me I didn't have to go out this morning...another fellow blogger came to see me. It was PATTI! We had a small, simple brunch and then we chatted for quite awhile. :)
Here is the table set up for us with those new pedestal plates! ;)

Have a good evening!


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. love those baskets and the desk is just too cute.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The baskets and the wooden box are just beautiful..oh my what a wonderful lunch you had with an awesome lady! I adore Patti...how neat it is that you are able to live that close by to her.....Hubby and I are hoping one day to meet her and her wonderful husband...

  3. Tarrah, I love those baskets..what a nice Birthday present..you must have been a good girl! Thank you so very much for the nice little brunch..you made me feel so special! I had so much fun with you today...it may have been gloomy and rainy outside today but in your beautiful home it was warm and cozy, espcially with the fire lit in the fireplace! Again, thanks for the nice day!

  4. Ok since I turned 50 I am losing my mind.... I forgot to mention this...Tarrah I love the desk that Teresa and Jeff made for you...their wood creations are simply beautiful...!!

  5. Love the baskets and the desk! :) What a grand birthday!!

    Happy Easter, Tarrah!

  6. Tarrah love your birthday gifts and from 2 talented ladys too..love your place settings..glad you had a wonderful birthday.:)

  7. Tarrah
    Thanks for sending me the address. Unfortunately hubby had the days planned and I was unable to get over your way for the open house. Maybe next time.

    I love your BD presents. The best presents are prim presents. Happy Birthday late.

    I tried the link to Theresa's blog but come up with Pam's blog when I click on it. I love the idea of hiding the lap top in the desk I may have to purchase one for myself. My birthday isn't until Nov.


  8. Ok, all fixed now. Thank you Rhonda for pointing that out! :)

  9. Your baskets look great up there Tarrah! Thanks for the nice comments about the writing desk!