Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Blue Pottery

We have some great new pottery fresh out of the kiln, and just in time for spring. This color is named "Robin's Egg", because of its green/blue color and brown speckle all over. It is one of our most popular, but it is also a very tricky glaze to aquire....lots and lots of trial and error on this one! ;) Take a peek!

The sun was actually shining a little bit and it made my house bright, making my pictures a little bright too!

Some of this will be making its way to our two Pattis, (BRICKHOUSE CRAFT SHOP, and In Grandma's Attic in Lancaster) and some of this will stay here getting ready to sell at our Spring Open House!
Ok, well I gotta hit the road.....I am headed for an outing with 2 fellow bloggers.....wait and see what we find! ;)


  1. Love the pottery, especially that it is blue!
    Have a wonderful time and can't wait to see what you all bring home:)


  2. OH LORDY, I'M IN LOVE!!!!...I have been waiting for just this special color from you guys!...WOOHOO!!!!