Friday, March 12, 2010

More Robin's Egg Pottery with a Yarn Bowl, and Goin' Wool Crazy!

Here is some beautiful pottery that is fresh out of the kiln....we have some big robin's egg bowls, and we also have the green with blue speckled spoon rest and sponge holder. This batch got just perfect! ;)

Now these little cuties are yarn bowls! It is to keep your ball of yarn in perfect peace and order instead of rolling all around on the floor and off the table while you are working with it! :) It's for all you knitters and crocheters out there!

Sorry, I didn't have a regular ball of yarn, I only had that crazy dark scarf material, so it is a little hard to view.

Now, onto some other things.....yesterday I took another crazy road trip with Teresa, and we happened upon some cute little shops in Maryland. One was Pins and Needles, which was a very nice and greatly stocked quilt shop. Very full of fabrics amongst other things. I was good and just picked up this cuttle little bundle of colors of perle cotton #8 thread to start yet another project....the Wool Crazy Sew Along.

If you are curious about what this is, you can click on my button on the top which will take you to a blog that has members (me being one of a large amount that is growing daily) that post about their experience and progression with the wool crazy quilt. This whole thing came into being because of a really neat instruction book written by JoAnn Mullaly. So take a peek at some of the pages in her inspiring and such cute ideas for the quilt!

....and then check out the blog which is coordinated by Brenda. It is just members posting their questions and answers and giving you lots and lots of eye candy on how each one is making theirs look... I hope to start this wonderful journey sometime next month, AFTER the open house, so as I do work on it, I will share my ups and downs and my progress through it all. It really looks neat and I am all into more wool wall art! ;)
Have a wonderful weekend is going to be a rainy one here in Pa!


  1. Hi Tarrah,
    I have a knitting project coming up. Just in time to buy a yarn bowl! LOL!!!
    How wide are the bowls, so I know how big to make my yarn balls?

  2. love your pottery and the colors..:) you do great work..have a great weekend.:)