Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunshine Came Through My Window Today!

I'mmmmmmmmmmm gonna soak up the sun....I guess I have quite a few songs in mind for today! ;) It is finally sunny and feeling quite a bit warmer than in our recent days past....WHEW....a day like today makes everything seem better and brighter!
So, with the sun shining, it is allowing me to do things like this.....

and this.......

and this...actually, no I did these when it was raining on Saturday! ;)

But check this out....

and here I didn't think I had any blooming yet, but there were a bunch greeting me this morning! AAAAHHHHHH, I am SO ready for flower season!


  1. Love the boxes...

    Enjoy the sun while you can.


  2. WOW you are a busy lady! Isn't it amazing how good the sunshine makes you feel..I have so much more energy today.
    I Love everything you are making and I really love the pantry cakes. I have been wanting to make those for a long time..it is on my long never~ending 'to~do" list!Your Open House is going to be GREAT!
    Love the crocus in your yard...!
    Talk to ya soon.