Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Trip to Lancaster and my Baby Boy turns 8!

My family ventured out this past Saturday to Lancaster to take in some good food and check out a few shops...since my little guy had a birthday, he requested Shady Maples for his birthday dinner outing. With no argument from the rest of us, we couldn't wait to go there once again. Boy, was it delish! :) We were so full from their huge and fantastic buffet of food that we could all barely waddle out of the place!

We also toured the enormous gift shop downstairs and then headed out to drive through the beautiful farms and land of Lancaster.

Love this beautiful stone house!

Kids having a good time in the car! :)

We made our way over to "In Grandma's Attic" and met Patti, the owner there. What a sweet lady she is and so nice to chat with! I wish I would have taken a lot more pictures once we got inside, but there were people constantly in there talking with her and I was just trying to look at everything and was in awe of her barn out back that she also had merchandise in....so neat! So, I didn't get any other pictures....sorry....next time I will! :) And speaking of next time.....In Grandma's Attic will now start carrying Bob's pottery! We are quite excited with our little expansion and feel very blessed to have the two coolest Patti's that want our stuff~! (Patti from The Brickhouse, and Patti from In Grandma's Attic)

This is the front of Patti's shop: IN GRANDMA'S ATTIC. If you ever get the chance, stop in and see her cute store!

While we were chatting with Patti, it started snowing and it was coming down rather quick, we had a few other stops we had to make, so we were soon on our way. We hit up an awesome antique store called Cackleberry's which is on 30, just down from In Grandma's Attic. Look at this antique rabbit mold I found. I love old tin chocolate molds...but they are rather hard to find!

So, now as I type this I am making my son, Indiana, a birthday cake because today is his actual birthday~Groundhog's Day, (and YES, Phil saw his shadow which means 6 MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!!!!)
Anyway,I can hardly believe how fast time is going. When I came home from the hospital after having him, at night for the first few weeks all I would do was lay on the couch holding him while watching the winter olympics....now here there are on again....and I am reminiscing!

Ok, well there is still a big supper to plan out and make plus a little more decorating to do for his big day...got to have it special for him when he comes home from school!


  1. I love Shady Maple (especially the Farm Market)! I'm hoping to get down that way really soon.

    Happy Birthday to your son!!! Time does go way to fast. My baby is going to be 26. Right now I'm babysitting my grandchildren, ages 4 and 7 months. Wish time would slow down a little. Or, maybe, I need to slow down and then time won't go so fast. Hmmmmmmmm?


  2. What a fun day Tarrah!!!!

    You will do really well at In Grandma's Attic..........better get lots of inventory built up! Patti is such a nice person!

    Happy Birthday to your young man!!! Your kiddos are soooo cute!

  3. Tarrah I could actually join you on your story telling of your day in lancaster....we have done it all - and Shady Maple is just the best for any of their meals!

    Patti at In Grandma's Attic is just the best...when I first started my penny rugs she bought many from me for her shop.

    Congratulations on having John's pottery there...it should sell well.


  4. Ya gotta Love those Patti's...!

    HaPpY bIrThDaY INDY!!!