Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cabin Fever at the cabin!

Well, after another impressive snow storm that started to hit us on Thursday and finished up last evening, can I tell you that we are getting a little cabin fever. The kids missed another two days of school, so they pretty much lost all of their Easter break! And I hear we have another 2 storms coming our way....ooooohhhhh boy, we need to get out and about! :)

*we are trying to capture the heighth of some of our snow drifts.....

*this tree is actually pretty tall and Gracie is standing on large amounts of snow to mark the tree where the snow came up to..

With all this snow, the good news is I am getting a lot of crafting done!

*lots of boxes pretty far done...

* a little bunny stitching....

* wax pieces and more stitching....

We (Indian Trail Pottery) is going to have a big open house over the weekend of Palm Sunday, which happens to be the last weekend of March this year. It is going to be Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. We want to have a new and refreshing selection of pottery, plus all of my handmades. I also ordered some blackened beeswax bunnies and spring lambs and chicks that arrived and I am quite anxious to get them all packaged up and displayed for this show!

*I have a lot more but there are all still packed up in a box!

So, with all the excitement about having our first spring open house, there comes much anxiety about what all I need to make and how much should I make of this and that, and of course thinking if I will have enough inventory! YIKES!!!!
Ok, well I guess I better start thinking about summer, I mean supper!!!!! ;)
I hope you all have a great beginning to March! :)


  1. I can't believe all the snow you folks are getting. I just stepped away from the tv from watching the news and they showed NY and areas in PA-with people shoveling again! I don't know where you are putting it all. Seriously though I can see what is coming next..... flooding. Sure hope not.
    I do hope your open house goes well. Wish I could attend. Little to much for a day trip from Idaho! Hang in there and keep crafting!
    Stay warm too.

  2. Our schools tack the lost days on the end of the school year so the poor kids are going late til the end of June. Our teachers would NEER consider giving up their breaks.