Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woolie Wednesday~Wool Garland

Today's wool project is very easy peasy, but yet very prim and I think pretty cool!!
When working on my braided rugs, I have my long strips that I am connecting each other to; you must snip off that angled corner, which leaves you with TONS of these:

lots of triangles.......and I mean lots! Plus any little excess pieces that I have from other projects just goes right in to my "triangle basket".
So, with all those accumulating in a whole bunch of colors....your mind starts to process with creativity~! And here is what happens.....

Wool Garland! Here is a shorter piece using larger sized triangles and the longer piece is using tinier triangles. Just string those babies up while watching tv or whatever and in no time you have these beauties!
Now, what to do with them?

Well, I think they are just peeerrrrty in a basket or bowl, but I also use them on our Christmas tree as garland.....I told ya that they were prim! :)
I also made little wreath ornaments by just stringing a much smaller piece and then tieing the two ends together and leaving a loop. These look so cute when you have a whole bunch on the tree.

So, what'ca think?!


  1. What a wonderful idea Tarrah! I will definitely look at my scraps differently. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Great idea I don't know how to braid rugs but I can still just cut some triangles to make some for next Christmas I love the little wreaths and with the garland I bet that makes a very prim tree.

  3. Ooh - I really like this idea. I can just picture this on a nice prim Christmas tree. Neat Idea!