Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentines!

Here are my 3 favorite little valentines sucking their lollipops with these foam cutouts I made for Indiana's valentine treats for school. They were the cutest thing! I made all the girls big lips in hot pink and red, and the boys I made them these cutesy lil mustaches, all with a hole in the center where their lollipop stick went through, so when they were sucking on those pops, you would see these great funny faces! So fun! Now this picture is missing my true valentine Bob, but he was downstairs while I was snapping some photos(and he wasn't sporting my foam mustache!) :)

So, this is pretty much my view here at home...lots and lots of snow. I have been busy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I have been down and out with a pretty rough head cold, and that has pretty much wiped me out! I hope to get back to some serious crafting this week, but first....tomorrow Bob has off and he is taking me out for breakfast after the kids get on the bus. After that he plans on taking me up to one of my favorite stores! Its a huge antique mill, maybe some of you in Pa have heard of it: ROLLER MILLS! So, that is my valentines present....maybe a small antique purchase?! We shall see!

Hope you all are well and enjoyed this weekend and Valentine's Day with those that you love!


  1. Oh Tarrah, the sucker things are just too funny...I love them...beautiful kids too..have fun going out with Hubby tomorrow..and I hope you find a great antique to share.:)

  2. Such a cute idea and look at those cuties modeling for you! Looks like you all had some great family fun. I wouldn't be doing much either if I had all that snow. Just staying in and baking and crafting. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Stay safe and warm!