Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WOOLIE WEDNESDAY~ Small Star Penny Mat

Todays project is another simple but yet a much needed staple in the world of prim/country decorating....a small penny mat. You can set these on coffee tables, have them hanging out over a shelf, you could even make a bunch of these and have them out under place settings for those that keep their table set all the time (just remove them before you have messy eaters)! :)

Now, for you first timers on penny rugs or mats, don't become intimidated, this is easy peasy simple stuff! It is just a simple blanket stitch around the pennies. I even have all the specifics for you on how to make this star mat. You do want to choose two contrasting colors because it really helps to add POP and show off those 13 stars in the mat itself. Ok, here it goes.....

You will need:
20 black 2" circles
20 yellow 2" circles
13 stars that measure approx 1.5" from tips
20 black 1.5" circles
29 yellow 1.5" circles
16 black 1" circles
20 yellow 1" circles
Black thread (or whatever contrasting color you choose)
*49 additional 2" circles of the bottom colored material, OR a piece of wool(same color as bottom) to scallop around the entire finished piece. This is so you don't see all the excess threads on the bottom. You want a nice finished, clean bottom.

You want to begin with the smallest circle and stitch it on to the medium sized circle. Once that is attached, then you attach that joined piece to the largest size circle. When you have all the pennies completed you want to lay it out on a table in your finished pattern and then begin stitching them together.

I would love to see anyones finished mats if you choose to make this design. It is a great past time and you will just love your finished piece! Or if anyone has a great idea or project you would like to share for woolie wednesday, please feel free to email me! Enjoy!


  1. I love it Tarrah!!!! I may have to make one of these to use up some of my wool scraps!!!

  2. I love it. I might try 3 colors, red, white and blue. I like the stars. It reminds of summertime. When finished I will email a pic to ya. thanks, Kim

  3. Love it I am going to try one I will let you know how it turns out.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I'll have to make one. BTW, to answer your question from over at the wool crazy blog, I buy my pearl cotton at They have the best price I've found and have cheap shipping. I have no affiliation, just a happy customer.

  5. Hi Tarrah!
    Love your penny rug!! Gorgeous!
    I am making a Wool Crazy rug and saw your questions on the WC blog.
    This is what I did~ I had whip stitched each block together using ordinary thread and little stitches making it as invisible as I could then I did my fancy stitches on top. As far as threads go for sewing, anything goes. My favourite for the fancy threads is the perle cotton from Joann's as it is really heavy and shows up...doesn't get lost in the is NO 5 perle cotton ($1.39)and comes in the long form (like embroidery floss) not in a ball.
    Valdani is good but it is expensive...and isn't any better than the DMC perle cotton...I'm sure if you experiment you will discover what you like best. I even found some nice thread from a Thrift shop that I REALLY it really is up to you. Embroidery floss is Ok but you need a lot of threads or it sinks into the wool and you can't see is good for applique. Hope this helps.
    Check out my blog...can't wait to see your WCQ take shape!!