Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Wax Bird/ Bowl Filler

I wanted to share with you a Christmas gift that I was really hoping to get from Santa for Christmas, and guess what? I did get it! is a mold to make my wax bowl fillers, or in this case ornies. I really love this bird and not only just for displaying in wooden bowls or trays, but I want to do my primitive brown twig tree filled with these birds. I only just started making a few, but as soon as I get more wax, I hope to make a big flock!

I really primmed these up making them with a blackened beeswax and then rubbed with some great spices, so they smell extra good. I have a piece of twine looped in the back so they can hang and soon I'll have my tree filled with them (or hope too)!
If anyone is interested in purchasing some, please contact me for details.


  1. Very nice! I can't wait to see your tree. I want to buy a flock! Hmmm... Now I need to buy one of Bob's trays to display them in around my home! Talk to ya later.

  2. Love those birds! Your tree will be amazing, can't wait to see pictures of it.