Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken Soup, and a BIG craft wholesale show

I got a big ole pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove while I am up to my eyeballs in paint....not painting the house, just painting some craft pieces that I have been waiting to do till the weather was nice enough to do some staining outside.

Tomorrow I am headed to the Valley Forge Cash and Carry Show with Teresa from TERESA'S PRIM TREASURES and Patti from BRICKHOUSE. I can't wait to see all the goodies available for $ale, and hope to get some new ideas for this year of crafting!
A couple people asked about my plans for my new stash of wool...well, I hope to be braiding a new rug by next week and I have an idea for a new large penny rug. My walls are pretty much filled with my other penny rugs, so I will need to start going up the stairs with my new ones...

Loretta is located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and she sells the WOOL out of her home. Check out her site.
Ok, well I am off to more painting, and yummmmm...the smell of that soup is telling me its time for lunch too! :)


  1. JEEZ thanks for inviting my up today for lunch! :( LOL Your soup sounds yummy and so perfect for a cold day...ENJOY!
    I love the color of your boxes..what color is that? It looks so nice! AND your home...WOW!!!!! LOVE IT!
    I am so excited to go to the Show...I sent you an email and I will give you a call later today.

  2. Hi Tarrah!!!! I love all your penny rugs! I will be following your blog and checking for new post everyday now! LOL