Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blue Pottery

I've got THE BLUE COLOR FEVER TOO! Blue seems to be making a comeback in the world of country/primitive decorating....I never was a huge blue fan (other than a BIG BLUE PENN STATE fan) :) but I am really getting to love certain hues and shades of blue in my primitve decorating.
We always had certain colors of blue in our pottery, but I really like this new color after Bob did some experimenting with his glaze recipes, and I think this is a keeper~ Check it out:

Are you asking what are these pieces? They are 2 dixie cup holders, (you know for in your bathroom....the little rinse and spit cups!! LOL!!!) And the other is a squared off spoon rest (we also make them round, this one he just squared a little).

While the weather was so nice and bright out I decided to take a snap shot of another fun blue item that is anxious to be displayed better for spring....its just itching to be used for my outdoor gatherings!

For some other awesome blue ideas check out CHAR'S terrific blog...she has a "Blue's" post every Monday!



  1. I really like the dixie cup holders!! How clever! I keep a spoon rest right by my stove as well. I've never seen a square one up until now and I love it!
    The blue watering can will be a perfect spring/ summer accent.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  2. I just read and answered your email and now I'm popping in for a visit. So glad I did!

    Blue has always been one of my favorites! In fact, my dining room hutch, chairs, and table base are all colonial blue. I love them so.

    Your pottery pieces are beautiful.

  3. Hi Tarrah,
    Thanks for your post. I didn't even notice where to click before. I was so busy looking at your photos! I just did click on WOOL and I have saved Loretta's link. Thanks so much.