Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This and That for Fall

Hi friends! Life is keeping me busy, so I don't get to post as much as I wish too, but thought I would share some pictures with you of fall slowly happening in my neck of the woods....hope you enjoy.

I got a few new wax bowl fillers done, they will really help bring in the season and are very appropriate for Christmas as well. Aren't they cute little pinecones and acorns with the pumpkins?

We are still crazy busy with Bob's pottery business, which is great. I know this time of year is nuts for all you crafters out there as well. We are getting ready for another show in just a few weeks, plus getting an inventory done for the Holidays after the show. I will be hosting an open house again in December, so I will let you know more about that at a later time, but you all are welcome to attend if you are anywhere near our place! Here is a picture of a new glaze...I really like this one!

Can you believe we are heading into October?! Time is passing us so quickly....we will soon be ditching the pumpkins and pulling out the stockings! YIKES!!! Have a great week!


  1. Your home is beautiful! I love your walls...everything just pops off of them!
    That glaze is really nice...I like it too!

  2. I love your pics! Fall is my favorite and I am so excited to see everyone's pics. :D

  3. Love those fall pics! Hope it sticks around for a while! I'm so not ready for the stockings! :) ~~Annie

  4. Tarrah..I love how you decorate..Love everything...those pinecones, acorns and pumpkins you made are so NEAT! Loving Bob's pottery and so will our customers!