Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mustard Seed

Good Morning Friends. Hope this post finds all of you well and enjoying this great time of year. I haven't had time to do any type of crafts other than making my wax bowl fillers, and I am disappointed that I am not really able to enjoy my favorite season to the fullest with nursing school right now. I am struggling just to get everything done with school and it barely leaves me any time to spend with the kids, yet alone sleep, crafting, baking, etc, etc.... but if I only have faith the size of a mustard seed that I will make it through it, God is still in control and we can still move that mountain, right?! RIGHT! So, the lesson for today is to not give up! ;)

My family and I are planning on getting away this weekend up at Parker Dam State Park! It is one of our most favorite state parks in Pa! It is gorgeous there and the fall foliage is spectacular this time of year. We have been going up for 7 years and we just have the best time! So, we are looking forward to some time to just do nothing but eat and have fun! :) I will share some pictures of our trip with you when we return....the kids are quite excited to go and I am too! I hear its going to be a cool weekend there, but thats ok....there is plenty of firewood!


  1. Tarrah that was a great blog. I completely feel depleted right now with school and this blog made me feel a little better. See ya tonight!

  2. Hi Tarrah...I'm so happy you are taking time to relax and be 'you' with your family.
    Traditions are so wonderful.
    Enjoy and will be waiting for wonderful Fall photos.

  3. Tarrah, When I saw the title of your blog post I thought Bob came up with a new glaze..mustard seed!
    I love the scripture in the Bible~ If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain, “MOVE!” and it WILL move… and NOTHING will be impossible for YOU! –.It is what is getting me through this period with Tim being unemployed. What a wonderful post on your blog. Thank you for the "lesson"!
    I am so jealous of you..going to the mountains this weekend..I bet the leaves will be nice and oh to sit by the fire and relax!..I wanna hear all about it and see lots of pictures...have fun! Talk to ya soon!

  4. Your pottery is beautiful. With any luck I'll get the meet Patti this weekend and see it in person.