Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still around.....

Hi friends! I just wanted to post quickly to say hello and that I am still around....just way too busy to barely get on the computer for anything other than school related work. I must confess that I am extremely upset, confused, and full of anxiety. I am barely making it through nursing school and I can't keep up with the full workload of that and being there for my children. This has been the hardest month of my life. I can't seem to pull myself up out of this rut, and I am afraid that the end of school for me is in the very near future. I need major prayers during this very hard time in my life from feeling inadequate as a mom, wife, student, friend. I just know that no matter how bad life is out there, I get to come home to the best place on earth! :) My cry is to just stay home and be a stay at home mom/ we'll see how this works out. I try to check on all your great blogs, and I really missing blogging, crafting, and cooking too (also part of the problem). Hope all is well with you all and your families! Tarrah


  1. Oh Tarrah, I am sending you a great big hug....I have a hard time expressing my feelings but I will try...YOU are A GREAT MOTHER! You have a wonderful family...great hubby and AWESOME kids! You have amazing TALENT..I could go on.. Please don't feel are far from that..if school isn't working maybe it is God's way to tell you that this isn't part of the PLAN! We never know what he has in store for you BUT I do know it will be something amazing..if it isn't nursing he is going to use your skills for something else..he has a PLAN..I will be praying for you. Hang in there! Come on down to the Shop and we can talk..I am here for ya..please take care.

  2. Tarrah,You do more in any single day than anyone I know! You are a great mother, wife and homemaker, crafter and I know you would be a great nurse too! Please don't give up on school now, you have worked too hard! You will be successful no matter what you choose in life because you are driven,have a great personality and have so much support from your family. Everything will work out no matter which road you go down. Will say a prayer for you my friend.

  3. you are approaching the top of your struggle.. hang in there, the rest will be down hill.